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All plans include a fully customized lesson plan. Schedule a call now to find out more!

  • Individual Session

  • Debug a known blocker in your career
  • Discuss potential career paths
  • Investigate how a personalized career plan can unlock success for you
  • $250 USD
  • self.present()

  • Learn how to present your best self in written and oral communication
  • Uncover your unique experiences and hidden talents
  • Create a quick, easy shareable story of you in 10 sessions
  • $1500 USD
  • self.find()

  • Figure out what career paths speak to you
  • Find skillsets, languages and team attributes that work for you
  • Craft a path for your career beyond promotion in 10 sessions
  • $1500 USD
  • self.auto_didact()

  • Learn proven techniques to boost memory
  • Gain valuable practice in reading, writing and synthesizing learnings
  • Craft a plan to teach yourself anything in 10 sessions
  • $1500 USD
  • team.lead(self)

  • Manage the complex transition between IC and TL in 10 sessions
  • Learn to split time between coding, leadership and yourself
  • Discover the thrill and joy of leading projects with long time horizons
  • $3000 USD
  • team.boost()

  • Bond your team together in a unique tabletop gaming experience
  • Understand each team member's capacities and ambitions
  • Have fun while learning organizational principles, self-advocacy and storytelling
  • Price negotiable, up to 6 team members.

Pricing FAQ

What types of payment do you accept?
Bank transfer in Singapore or the US.
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