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  • The Optimization Trap

    I read a lot of Twitter every day, and my meta cognition kicks in and starts noticing why I’m going to Twitter.

  • Knowledge Worker Mechanics - Writing

    I don’t know how many words I read or write in a day, but I know it is a lot. If I have to function in any capacity as a knowledge worker, my ability to read, process and output large amounts of text is very important. I’d go so far as to say reading, summarizing and writing are the three most important mechanics for knowledge workers. In the paraphrased words of Yuval Noah Harari - the modern order depends on all of us sending email to each other - concerted activity between large groups of humans is facilitated best by writing at this point. Communication is at the core of any knowledge worker job - including software engineering. If you want to get better at all three mechanics, you should journal.

  • Mechanics, Tactics, Strategy, Philosophy

    I used to play a lot of League of Legends with my co-workers in Boston, one of whom regularly streams his games so I can continue watching and reacting from afar. I actually love watching this game more than playing it. Partially because the RSI incurred as part of playing this game is brutal - I often feel pain in my wrists for a week+ after playing. Partially because watching teaches you all sorts of interesting things about the game and games in general that you might not notice when you’re in the weeds.