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Hey there fellow techie, a little lost?

So many skills, languages, frameworks to learn! Fast-approaching deadlines! Production emergencies! And precious little time to reflect...

I was there too, not too long ago. I spent nearly a decade at Google.

Treasure map
I worked on everything from Glass to Android Wear to G Pay, having incredible amounts of fun, but also frantically pushing for the next thing. It burned me out and I left Google.

Stones balancing
I then spent more than a year re-balancing my life: I consulted for startups, tried my own startup, meditated and practiced yoga, wrote short stories and blog posts.

Galaxy brain
Now, I want to take the lessons I've learned in my time of exploration and recovery to help others avoid burnout and rejuvenate their motivation and confidence. I want to help you answer the big questions...

How can I find thrill in my job?

We are all tempted by the validation and material rewards of the promotion ladder. However, there's far more to a career than new titles and more pay. I can help you figure out what matters to you; what your vision of a perfect life and better world is and how to chart a course to what you truly treasure.


How can I present the best version of myself?

You've worked on interesting, high impact projects, but that doesn't mean everyone knows about them, or understands the complexity of your work immediately. I can help translate all the dimensions of your effort, talent and impact into a manner that conveys its true scale - in speech and writing.


How can I learn faster?

Technology moves at a blinding pace. To learn all of it is truly impossible - but we can learn what's important to learn, gleaning principles of technology and organizations to guide our ambition.


How can I boost my team's productivity?

Happy, communicative teams launch fantastic products. I can help you work on your own work-life balance and communication skills as an IC or leader of a team. I can show you how to set boundaries that recharge your energy and make everyone around you more productive.


How do I balance leadership with keeping my skills sharp?

Technical leadership is a whole different ball game. The transition from individual contributor to lead can be a time of transformative learning, deep impact and sometimes significant stress. I can help you land the transition with proven techniques for time, energy and stress management.

Sri Raga

Saurya was immensely helpful as a sounding board in presenting myself for my perf and fully realizing the value of my technical experiences over the years.

Sri - Google Engineering Manager, 15+ years experience

Saurya unblocked me from a crucial career step I'd been putting off for weeks in just one session! I feel completely renewed and ready to take on the world!

Michael - TenX TL, 10+ years experience

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